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Artist and maker

PHLOX is a visual and textile artist based in Asheville, NC. Her drawing and painting focuses on the female form, exploring self-intimacy, sexuality, vulnerability, and confrontation. Her passion for textiles was passed down from several family generations of weavers, embroiderers, and quilt-makers. She focuses on sustainable practices in acquiring or making garments, and embroiders them using reinforcing techniques to create lasting designs.




PHLOX is drawn to the quality of the line. Whether she is sketching the details of a face or painting intertwined hands, she is lulled into a meditative state by the description of mark making. While watercolor and gouache painting feature largely in her body of work, PHLOX returns again and again to her pencils, searching for intriguing depth and character in her drawings. 

Phlox uses her work to address themes of body-self relationship, exploring dynamics of acceptance, pain, hunger, intimacy and nourishment. She uses different series' of work to open dialogues on the criticism of women's lives, women's sexuality divorced from the male perspective, and the emotional weight of vulnerability.



From graphic illustrations to design elements to text, PHLOX utilizes an array of skills to alter and decorate clothing. As a deep believer in the slow-fashion movement, PHLOX recycles, makes, and sources garments ethically and embroiders them with great attention and care. Her designs are made to last a lifetime and are carefully placed and reinforced onto garments using a method developed over years of practice.

PHLOX is passionate about bringing new life to loved clothing and enjoys embroidery commissions on customer's clothing. Limited garments are listed for purchase in the site shop and a few select stores.



upon waking

rituals for the start of the day

paintings on display at Trade & Lore Coffee