multi-tasking in the creative flow

To be completely honest, I’m partially writing this post because I desperately need to read about organization around multi-tasking. I like saying yes to things I’m interested in. I also love the idea of participating in a lot of things I may not have the right amount of time for. Recently, I’ve found myself in a space where I am making art (slowly) and having a difficult time keeping up with all of the commitments I have made. So I’m reorganizing my approach and I’m sharing that with you.

One thing that has always worked really well for me is finding creative flow within variety. Yes, I love drawing and I love painting, but I’m also really engaged in textile work. Switching from working with a pen to working with a needle is something that keeps me refreshed in my creative outlets. Armed with this knowledge, I’ve begun organizing my day goals to include switching between the two. I feel much more capable of focusing on two hours of painting when I know that is followed by an hour of weaving and later, an hour of drawing. Switching my brain between these mediums helps keep me activated creatively and sustains my energy throughout the day.

Although I am someone who works hard and presses myself frequently, I’ve never found it helpful to push myself when I’m feeling dried up creatively. By creating multiple outlets for my work throughout a day, I give myself the opportunity to switch to a different medium that may reinvigorate my creative flow if I find myself feeling a bit worn or dried up.

Honestly, though, there are days when I don’t feel creative at all and on those days, any weaving, drawing, painting, stitching, whatever-ing I do will most likely not be gratifying or look remotely the way I want it to. Even though it frustrates me to feel this way, I try to honor those feelings deeply. My opinion is that we have to flow in and out of touch with what drives us to create in order to refuel and re-inspire.