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drawing + Painting

PHLOX is drawn to the quality of the line. Working primarily in gouache, ink, graphite and watercolor, PHLOX is mesmerized by the description of mark-making in visual narrative. Her work focuses primarily on self-intimacy, relationship dynamics, fluid sexuality, mental health and the female-identifying perspective.




With a focus on sustainable sourcing and attention to detail, PHLOX uses methods developed over years of practice to embroider and embellish clothing with designs and text. Her experience working in textiles has allowed her to experiment with different methods, creating durable work that will last a lifetime. Her pieces are available in her online shop and occasional craft fairs.

PHLOX loves creating designs and bring new life to used clothing. If you are interested in a commission, please reach out to begin the process.


upon waking

rituals for the start of the day

paintings on display at Trade & Lore Coffee